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  • Movie Review: "Charge"

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    The director of Moto GP opus "Faster" takes on electric motorcycle racing

    By Basem Wasef
    Published on About.com

    "Charge" opens with sights and sounds that would make any red-blooded motorcycle race fan drool, with shots of gas-powered superbikes shrieking their way through the the Isle of Man TT's perilous road course. But the 90-minute documentary from the Mark Neale (director of the MotoGP flick "Faster") quickly veers towards a quieter but far more controversial topic: the advent of the first electric motorcycle racethe TTXGPat the venerated event.

    "Charged" is narrated by Ewan McGregor. Runtime is 90 minutes, and a special preview edition is available for $19.95 at chargemovie.com

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    1. jazclrint's Avatar
      jazclrint -
      I just got my copy a few days ago. Its no Faster, but it is real good.
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