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  • Dutch Team Creates Electric Cruiser Motorcycle

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    By Brian Harley on July 07, 2011
    Posted on MotorcycleUSA.com

    A Dutch company is offering a new slant on an electric motorcycle Ė a cruiser. The new electric motorcycle, Ophiro, has been developed by a Dutch project team headed by Alexander Steegh. Company PR hits on all the buzz words - fully electric, fast loading, enormous acceleration and a range that covers work-living distances easily. Of course, how fast it actually recharges isnít listed, nor are any acceleration figures given. What we do know is it utilizes five batteries which provide a claimed range of 100 km (62 miles) and a max speed of 120 km / hr (almost 75 mph). The hardest pill to swallow is its price, listed at 49,000 Euro (over $70,000 US). At that price, itís obvious mass production isnít a goal. The website for the Ophiro Electric Cruiser says the Dutch creator intends to custom make them for companies for promotional purposes. It is already in production but is being built on a per-order basis.

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    1. Saruman's Avatar
      Saruman -
      MotorcycleUSA got the name misspelled; the bike is called orphiro, and their web site is http://www.orphiro.nl/. I'll try to look these guys up after my vacation and report back.
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