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  • Mission Motors raises funds, wont make motorcycle

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    By Katie Fehrenbacher on Aug. 17, 2011
    Published on earth2tech

    Mission Motors, which builds electric motorcycle technology, has raised new funds, and has officially moved away from manufacturing motorcycles on its own. The startup announced on Wednesday that it has raised $9 million led by private equity firm Warburg Pincus. At the same time a company spokesperson confirms with us that the company no longer intends to produce a motorcycle, and will focus on making electric vehicle powertrain technology for motorcycle and auto manufacturers.

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    1. frodus's Avatar
      frodus -
      who else saw that coming
    1. ZoomSmith's Avatar
      ZoomSmith -
      I'm only surprised because they actually announced it.
    1. DaveAK's Avatar
      DaveAK -
      I thought this was old news and had been previously announced? Oh well, we must all be ahead of the game.
    1. Richard230's Avatar
      Richard230 -
      I agree, I thought they had already announced that as their business plan. Their racing motorcycle is just a technology demonstrator and they intend to act as EV power development consultants to some company(s) who would like to be their "sugar daddy".
    1. Nuts & Volts's Avatar
      Nuts & Volts -
      The real problem with this is that half of the guys at mission (from what i know) really want to make motorcycles. Maybe we'll see a spin off of a spin off company (Mission originally started with some Tesla employees)

      But otherwise i think it was old news
    1. teddillard's Avatar
      teddillard -
      Yeah, a real shocker. A technology startup with a business plan, go figure.
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