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Tris created the thread Greetings from Gainsborough UK.
" Evening All
I've recently had a rush of blood to the head and decided that I'd like to convert the Yamaha TW125 (AKA the POS) I have skulking in my garage to electric power
The more I read the more it intrigues me
Please prepare yourselves for a stream of random questions

Tris "

5 Days Ago

Stevo created the thread Tesla EMC!.
" Probably wont happen, but interesting concept bike...
https://youtu.be/Cp-SuP2nLVE "

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Stevo created the thread Heard of Destin?.
" https://youtu.be/jduUqD9fxwo
Densen, not Destin...
I've not heard of them before now

Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk "

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jazclrint created the thread At it again, (fairly) weekly Elmoto news podcast/youtube.
" Hello all. Well, I am at it again. I am having fun once a week recording the week's elmoto news as best as I can. I am on YouTube and just last night I figured out how to turn that video into audio and post it to Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Amazon, and iHeartRadio. I haven't got TuneIn and Pandora set up yet though. But I will work on it. Just search for ESBK Studios.

I don't like spamming the forums, but I'm getting 0 traffic. I thought maybe it's OK to speak up one time and if I get subscribers then heck yeah. If interest doesn't bump up then I can just do it for the fun of it and no one has to watch.

Here's my latest news roundup/show thing.


Thank you for your time. "

1 Week Ago

Richard230 created the thread Special forces are testing Zeros as helicopter luggage.
" Here is a neat use of Zero motorcycles being tested by the U.S. Special Forces. It sure beats hiking in the desert. https://electrek.co/2021/11/17/speci...c-motorcycles/ "

1 Week Ago

cjorgensenmd created the thread Ninja 500 Project Alltrax SR72400 ME1003 DeltaQ E-Quip.
" Parting out my electric motorcycle. http://evalbum.com/5362

This was a really fun project, but I moved to a different continent and one of my Nissan Leaf cells died.
I do not monitor this forum enough, but this is where I got started so I am making you all aware.

I cannot ship the motor or batteries, but they are available for local pickup north of Atlanta, Ga

ME 1003 https://www.ebay.com/itm/115099601114

Delta Q charger configured for Lithium https://www.ebay.com/itm/115099602400

Alltrax SR72400 https://www.ebay.com/itm/115099627200

LEV200A4NAF https://www.ebay.com/itm/115099627483 "

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Stevo replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
" looks very professional and impressive for a job interview...good luck "

2 Weeks Ago

flo replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
" Hi all,
by coincidence i stumbled on a cad file for my frame at grab cad
As it was in catia format i had my buddy convert it at work for me.
I then imported my own drawings to see if all lines up.
luckylie the frame was zeroed around the swing axle - just as my fileset.
simply import and tada:

after rotating it 2mm forward it all lines up in every direction. virtually no error to be seen.

and looks good too.
pics minus my rudimentary frame which was just sort of a spacer...
Attachment 8723

Attachment 8726

Attachment 8724

Attachment 8727

Attachment 8728

Attachment 8725

Attachment 8729

Attachment 8730

flo "

2 Weeks Ago

Richard230 replied to the thread Zero announces major upgrades for 2022.
" Here is a link to a Popular Science magazine article discussing Zero's 2022 battery improvements: https://www.popsci.com/technology/ze...-battery-tech/ "

2 Weeks Ago

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Warren replied to the thread Zero announces major upgrades for 2022.
" We've had our Bolt LT since July 2017. Always use the in-car hilltop setting (~88%) charge setting. If we are going on longer than a day trip, we set it to 100%. I have unplugged early, if i need to go somewhere before end of charge, or in a thunderstorm. At DC fast chargers, we shut down when we have enough. This can be done from the car, charger, or app. I envy your 2020 having the option to choose any setting from 40% to 100% in 5% increments. It's only software, but GM doesn't do updates. You need to buy a new car to get the newest software. :-(

There are EVSEs with their own charge limit options, but ours is plain vanilla.

Don't expect a new pack until next summer, if then. Fortunately, we have a distant, detached garage, and always charge to hilltop anyway, so nothing has changed for us. Bought the Bolt, thinking it would be our last car. If it doesn't burn up before they replace the battery, that will still be the case. "

3 Weeks Ago

jazclrint replied to the thread Zero announces major upgrades for 2022.
" OK.

Oh sweet you have a Bolt too. Have you got your new pack yet? I have a 2020 so I'm assuming it's gonna be a while.

Wait, slightly confused. Do you use the charge limit in the car or do you do that through the charger? And just curious what charge are you using? "

3 Weeks Ago

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Warren replied to the thread Zero announces major upgrades for 2022.
" I am pretty sure they have higher energy density cells now, hence the higher capacity, and reduced weight. But hiding some of the capacity, and pretending to be able to "grow" capacity for longer trips is bizarre marketing. I have always been able to limit charge on every battery powered device I have ever owned, simply by shutting down the charge early. Sometimes the charger allows presetting this shutdown, like on my electric bicycles, and our Chevy Bolt. But nobody was pretending this was some sort of amazing new feature. "

3 Weeks Ago

jazclrint replied to the thread Zero announces major upgrades for 2022.
Quote Originally Posted by Warren View Post
" grow their capacity as your needs as a rider change, as well."

Marketing speak for, "We have limited % SoC charge in the past to slow degradation, but now we won't."
Do you think it's that simple? they've had the 14.4 for 4 years. And looking back, about every 2 years they'd get a modest bump in capacity. It's not like cell tech has been sitting still for 4 years. They say they have added active air cooling, although in Zero speak that usually doesn't mean they didn't have it before, it's just different now. But they also have trimmed 6lbs off the pack. What if 15.6kWhr is the new capacity, but they have buried 'range mode' in the app menu somewhere to give you access to 17.3kWhr on your weekend canyon carving. And they just limited the base models to 14.4kWhr because . . . honest to god I don't know why. But they did.

Maybe they are the same cells but with the hopefully better cooling they can use more of them with less degradation concerns? "

3 Weeks Ago

Richard230 clicked Likes for this post: Zero announces major upgrades for 2022 by Warren

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