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Stevo replied to the thread EMGo ScrAmper.
" Nice update!
Looks good.... Good luck with your endeavor. "

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AlexDeor replied to the thread EMGo ScrAmper.
" Hello! We are updating info about this Motorcycle.

Last year we released a new update of this model, which made a lot of changes.


You can read the details in the article above, as well as a few details I will tell you here.

I am a representative of EMGO TECHNOLOGY, my name is Alex and I am glad to be among such professionals as you!
We have created a powerful electric motorcycle in which we have implemented many features that are not available for most electric motorcycles in the price category up to 7000 EURO.
Our website: https://emgo.technology/scramper3-en/

Brief characteristics:
1) BLDC motor with a peak power of 16 kW (7200 RPM)
2) Fast onboard charging with support for 110-220VAC, as well as support for car charging stations TYPE 2 (Mennekes) (Full charge in 1.5-2 hours)
3) Powerful 10 kW Li-NCM battery with an innovative patented active air cooling system, thanks to which the battery is able to withstand a constant load of 24 kW for 30 minutes without cell degradation.
4) Maximum speed 127 km/h
5) Power reserve up to 200 km (at a speed of 45 km / h), P.S. let's be honest, we love speed, so we drive around 75-90 km/h, so the real margin will be about 160 km
For those who like to "squeeze all the juice" and drive at maximum speed - you can drive a guaranteed 100 km.



The ScrAmper has an integrated power plant. BLDC - engine with a nominal power of 9 kW and a peak power of 16 kW (7200 RPM) and a 4-speed gearbox. The transmission works similarly to gasoline. The ability of the electric motor to reach a peak power of 16 kW and the ability of the battery to provide the engine with such energy and create a dynamic character ScrAmper.


The charger is integrated into the motorcycle, which provides a fairly high charging speed. And support for the car standard PLUG 2 (CCS 2) makes it possible to charge the motorcycle at car charging stations. At the same time, having only a charging cable with the socket with which the motorcycle is completed, you can charge the motorcycle simply at home from a household network (110 / 220V).

Battery - HD10 POWERPACK

The ScrAmper electric motorcycle battery has a patented innovative cooling system of HD10 Power Pack elements, which is at the same time simple and inexpensive. Thanks to it, having a nominal value of only 10 kW, the battery can operate in Heavy Duty mode, steadily giving 23-25 ??kW of power for 30 minutes. At the same time, the temperature in the middle of the battery will not rise above 38 C and will not reach the critical marks for the elements. Thus, the HD10 Power Pack includes not only the ability to super-return the battery, but also increase the battery speed by 2-3 times compared to the current parameters of ScrAmper.
This allows us to use our POWERPACK in other motorcycles with a more powerful engine in the future. Peak short-term battery power without degradation is 40 kW

Already in February, we are sending a motorcycle to Italy for European certification, and at the same time we are launching the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to collect orders and resources to start production in Ukraine. I will update the information and add a link here to the crowdfunding platform so that if you are interested, you can order it.
To certify a motorcycle for the American market, we need at least 300 orders around the world, so we will really hope for you and your support in social networks and other resources.

Thank you all for your attention, wait for updates, and we will also be glad to hear your opinion about the product. "

4 Hours Ago

jackubrich replied to the thread Honda Insight (1st Gen) Conversion Planning.
Quote Originally Posted by nedfunnell View Post
I'd say test drive the Leaf and see how you like it. I tried one last year and it was a neat car. I can drive a used Echo for less $/mi than a Leaf, though, so that's what I've got.

There's certainly something to be said for the immediate availability. How long would the Civic conversion take? Dealership prices are always negotiable too. I don't know your financial situation, but it's probably easier to get a bank loan for a used 2011 Leaf than for a pile of batteries to put in a Civic. You are driving an ICE now?
I am curious to know that what type of loan are you talking about? Can I take a loan to buy a new car just like as we take mortgage to buy a house.? "

8 Hours Ago

maxmarrie replied to the thread Whole Bike Parting.
" I did not cover walls and floor of my garage when I was painting my bike. Now, there are paint spots on walls and floor and its not looking good. I want to again renovate my garage. Can you tell me that from where I can hire labour for this work? "

13 Hours Ago

maxmarrie replied to the thread Introducing the Electrom.
" Bundle of thanks for sharing this information with us. "

13 Hours Ago

Richard230 replied to the thread BMW CE 04 electric scooter.
" Here is a link to a riding review of this new BMW CE 04 electric scooter. If you go to buy one don't forget to bring a fat wallet: https://www.motorcycle.com/manufactu...irst-ride.html "

21 Hours Ago

TorgueRPM replied to the thread 11KWh 115V battery pack $1500.
" Still available? "

2 Weeks Ago

Richard230 created the thread Anyone for Cake?.
" Here is a Cake designed for the delivery of stacks of pizza boxes: https://thepack.news/cake-at-ces-202...-applications/ "

3 Weeks Ago

Stevo replied to the thread Lightning LS-218 Delivery Experience.
Quote Originally Posted by mulockmic464 View Post
A. And such good conditions do not allow us to race trucks, although the power is there.
Looks like trucks race pretty well to me LOLhttps://youtu.be/xgwtWoyQibY

I would like to see a Tesla cybertruck included!! "

3 Weeks Ago

Craig replied to the thread My first Hybrid-Electric Moto build - Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
" I ended up building a "hybrid" motorcycle back in 2019 as part of a school project. I put "hybrid" in quotations since I was not able to engineer the bike to run on the ICE while also battery. This bike will run full electric till depleted and then park, the generator turns on an recharges the bike. I realize this is a bit counter productive. Ideally it would be able to use battery until depleted and then the ICE generator would be able to run and power the bike (while staying mobile). My bike was not designed to that level of engineering but holds the principles that it could be accomplished with some additional systems. Anyways, I ended up using a 2010 Triumph America chassis, the electronics from a 2010 Zero S (batteries, motor, controller, etc.), a 4kW generac generator, custom made aluminum 72 tooth rear sprocket, cycle analyst, the Zero's Delta q charger, and a Meanwell RSP 3000 (Which I didn't end up using). With a 17 tooth front sprocket it ended up reaching a top speed of 81km/h. In total, it travelled 22.24km, at an average of 57.43 km/h and consumed 1891.5Wh. While maintaining 80km/h, the motor required 6338W and consumed 79.17Wh/km. These batteries unfortunately were tired and so only at about approximately 50% their original capacity.

This was a very fun project, I learned a lot, and was a really fun bike to ride! Unfortunately the bike has sat since, and now the battery pack has low voltage and not accepting a charge. It would be a really cool project to throw some leaf packs or newer technology into the bike but for now I do not have the time or money to do so. If anyone locally is interested in seeing it or purchasing the bike (for parts or upgrade) I'd be more than happy to connect. I also have plenty of pictures etc. happy to share.

Keep building and enjoying friends! "

4 Weeks Ago

Richard230 created the thread Car and Driver travels 1000 miles driving 11 EV's.
" Here is an interesting and entertaining article. Last summer Car and Driver magazine took 11 EV cars and went on a 1000-mile trip across four states to check how feasible it was to travel long distances quickly with the current state of electric cars and charging stations available. Here is a link to the article, which contains a YouTube video should you rather watch the trip instead of reading about it (or you could do both): https://www.caranddriver.com/feature...distance-race/ "

4 Weeks Ago

Warren replied to the thread H-D to go public with their LiveWire electric motorcycle brand.
" I grew up in Wisconsin. Went to the Harley plant on a school field trip. They were antiquated even then. Harley customers are all about nostalgia. They would have more success bringing out a steam powered Harley. "

24 December 2021

Richard230 created the thread Ducati testing their MotoE racing prototype.

20 December 2021

Richard230 replied to the thread H-D to go public with their LiveWire electric motorcycle brand.
" Here is another article regarding this deal and the hoped-for LiveWire company's future. If you ask me, these guys are dreaming:
https://www.revzilla.com/common-trea...-in-five-years "

18 December 2021

Richard230 created the thread Scaroibu Motorcycles motorbike concept.
" Here is an Italian electric motorbike startup concept with an electronic power controller that mimics a manual transmission which is looking for investors The article includes a slick introduction video: https://thepack.news/the-new-italian...-on-indiegogo/ "

17 December 2021

Stevo replied to the thread Stark Varg !.
" Here's another more in depth look at this amazing bike:

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15 December 2021

Stevo created the thread Stark Varg !.
" This looks like fun!

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15 December 2021

Warren replied to the thread H-D to go public with their LiveWire electric motorcycle brand.
Quote Originally Posted by Richard230 View Post
Your guess is as good as mine. And my guess is that H-D is squeezing the LiveWire project for everything it is worth to finance further development of their money-making ICE V-twins.
As a former Wisconsinite...Yeah, you betcha! "

15 December 2021