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Richard230 replied to the thread the Hydrogen Highway is not cheap.
" This guy doesn't believe that hydrogen-powered vehicles have much of a future: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b88v-WvqzeQ "

1 Day Ago

Richard230 created the thread Recycling lithium EV battereis.
" This is a very interesting video regarding recycling lithium batteries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLr0GStrnwQ

(Sorry about this being a duplicate thread. I just realized that I had started this subject back in December. Still, this appears to be new information.) "

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2 Days Ago

Stevo replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
" Congrats on passing the safety inspection.... I had no doubts it would "

5 Days Ago

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Electric-zero clicked Likes for this post: Kawasaki zxr-E by flo

6 Days Ago

flo replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
" Today i charged it partly using my sachs charger and me and my buddy Stefan had a few runs with it,
man it really pulls so much nicer than the sachs
really looking forward getting it registered and on the road.

"Jumpstarting" the kawa ... a bit of a pia...

Attachment 8662

Flo "

1 Week Ago

flo replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
" Hi
as promised following up with pics:

Simple solution for a guard plate and its attachment
Attachment 8654
Attachment 8655

on the bike
Attachment 8656

After initial filling and sanding, sprinkle on some guide colour to help accurate sanding.
Attachment 8651

once satisfied a simple rattle can paint job was aplied
Attachment 8652

and on the bike
Attachment 8653

Chain guards:
4,5mm carbon enforced prints with 5mm Fiberglass faces
Attachment 8657

primary side:
Attachment 8658

Attachment 8659
secondary side:
Attachment 8660 "

1 Week Ago

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1 Week Ago

Zelig replied to the thread BMS replacement help.
" Spoonman,

Thank you for your detailed reply.

I’ll will try the litechpower link you’ve posted.

Thank you,
Zelig "

1 Week Ago

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1 Week Ago

Spoonman clicked Likes for this post: Kawasaki zxr-E by flo

1 Week Ago

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1 Week Ago

flo replied to the thread Kawasaki zxr-E.
" Well, not literally

Due to corona there is nothing you can do without appointment here atm.
Been trying to get a call back from my MOT engineer whole of last week without success. Until suddenly he calls me tuesday afternoon.
Last free spot thursday 13:00
Boy that`s sporty. lets try.

Temporary license first. No free spots online in my district, called them-no chance
Tried the Kawasaki dealer nearby if i could borrow - shop closed
Called the the district next to me, told them my situation and, who would have guessed - they gave me an appointment for thursday morning.
Best part about it - guy on telephone tells me- they aren`t even allowed to do so - legally. Bending over backwards just to be helpful.

Transport next

Franky: bus`s broken,
Andy: bus is at his brother 300km
Rainer: no prob you can have it.

Great- next box ticked.

Loading rails of Wolfgang will get picked up on the way back from picking up the transporter.

Insurence code should be no trouble, just a call.

Then finished the bike of with the mostly printed parts - chain guards (hot of the printer -Literally) in my freezing cold garage during a snowstorm. Real april`s weather.
filled and sanded the controllers cover somewhat and a spot repair on the fairing just to give a better impression.
Got the Kawa done wed. about 16:00
Then picked up my brother, on to rainer for the bus.....

When trying to push the Kawa into the Transporter we realised that the rails are too short by a big margin
So asking around the neighborhood found us a few looong boards that i screwed together for a makeshift.

Re wrote the safety concept of the sachs somewhat until late night ..

So today after 7!!! false starts (insurence code - grrrr) i got my temp. plate.
drove some 3 hrs to my MOT engineer who remembered me right away, had a look and just asks: Same components as your last one?
He starts to take some detail picks until i tell him that i had a folder on USB for him (CAD,Pics, Wiring diagram; written safety concept...)
Him: i see perfectly prepared once more.
Picks up his helmet, drives once around the building, stops and tells us to load up again.

MOT PASSED - within 3 mins.

Still took all day until i finally returned for dinner.

Only needs some finishing touches and licensing.

pics tomorrow
stay tuned "

1 Week Ago

Stevo replied to the thread Hello form San Diego! Newbie here biting off more than I can chew.
" It will be fine. You might have some heat issues is all. It will be a fantastic education for you for sure, and it wont be that difficult to upgrade later to newer technology. Post pics of your build. Im looking forward to seeing this badboy! "

1 Week Ago

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1 Week Ago

Richard230 created the thread Biofuels vs. electric wars.
" Here is news about the push to increase ethanol in U.S. gasoline to 15% as well as arguments regarding which is worse for the environment and the economy, biofuel power or electric power. "

1 Week Ago

Spoonman replied to the thread BMS replacement help.
" The board you have is very clearly marked for 60A, however given it has failed, I suppose the question is warranted.


Based on the spec above, the following.

Relating to the max discharge current.
- The power rating for the bike is 4kW and the pack nominal voltage is 48V suggesting max sustained discharge of 4000/48 = 85A
- However, you're not going to hold max power for more than about 10 seconds tops at any given time so you can derate this figure somewhat.
- So personally, I'd be inclined to tell them that the max sustained discharge current will be in the 70-80A range.

Relating to the max charging current.
- The spec above indicates 3-5 hour charge time for a 60Ah pack.
- Taking the faster end of this, 3h, this means an average of 20A over the full period for a 100% charge
- However, the last 30% of the charge is at lower current so we should conservatively say 30A for the first 70% of the charge.

Based on those numbers, and the data in the photo you provided, I reckon this is what you have in there: http://www.bestechpower.com/512v16sp.../PCB-D131.html
What's more I'd be willing to bet it's the thermal fuse that's gone.

Attachment 8649

They have plenty of other good options beyond that one in the lineup at that link, but if they won't play ball then I'd be looking towards this as a first alternate.
Note that they've got the balance voltage wrong in that spec sheet however - most likely just a copy-paste error from the LiPo version, but worth checking before you buy if you do go that way. "

1 Week Ago