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  1. Do I buy it - Nearest Dealer is 200 miles away.

    Well, the title of this post pretty much summarizes it. I live in Hallandale Beach (10 miles south of Ft Lauderdale) in Florida. The nearest dealership is over 200 miles away in Sarasota FL and...
  2. Zero reports Q1 results - 178% growth in vehicles delivered, 240% growth in revenue

    Sounds like the 2012 models have been selling well. Here is a to a press release that talks about volume growth and revenues in relative terms, no absolute numbers though. Just thought I'd share.......
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    Zero in europe,!

    Thanks for sharing Richard. It appears that zero will make significant in roads into the EU market shortly.

    On an unrelated note, I must say you sure have a talent to fish out all these news...
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    Is there a concerted effort to lobby the big box...

    Is there a concerted effort to lobby the big box retailers and gas stations along frewways/arterial roads to get ahead of the curve and actually start installing some electric chrging stations ? I am...
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    Test ride and availability

    Thanks for sharing the article on Vectrix. Are you planning on taking a test ride any time soon ? I dont see a dealership listed for them here in Miami, but there sure seem to be a few out in...
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    Scooters from Current Motor Company -

    I realize this is a forum dedicated to Motorcycles, however, I just thought this may be of some interest to EV enthusiats.

    Current motory company has announced their Electric Maxi scooters will...
  7. I just received an e-mail from Brammo stating the...

    I just received an e-mail from Brammo stating the following

    They sent me a link asking me to "confirm" that I am still interested. I did the confirmation and it took me to page that says US...
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    I was so excited when I learnt that there was a...

    I was so excited when I learnt that there was a dealership in Florida with a 2012 ZF9 available to test ride, I was happy as a clam to drive the 250 miles to Eustis(Just north of Orlando).And the 250...
  9. 2012 Brammo (Enertia Plus & Empulse) Delivery schedule ....

    Does anyone have an update on the delivery schedule of the Enertia Plus and Empulse ? Last time I checked(Dec 2011) with Adrian Stewart(Brammo Sales and Marketing) he indicated possible Q1 delivery ....
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    Richard , congratulations on your newest...

    Richard , congratulations on your newest acquisition. I previously had an account on this forum - got deleted when the forum crashed. Since then, I have been regularly following(reading) the...
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