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Thread: RC lipo for my dirt bike build

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    I totally understand your concern. My bike is quite heavy at 420 lbs (190.5 kg) and the weight is very noticeable when stopped, mainly because my dirtbike is high and I cant touch the ground LOL. I have to be careful when I come to a slow crawl or stop to not tip over. However, when riding at faster speeds, it feels quite normal and handles pretty good. I cant wait for better batteries to come our way and maybe I'll be able to reduce the weight and improve the range at the same time.
    My suggestion is to try and keep the weight as low as possible so not to be top heavy.
    Building electric motorcycles is a fun challenge, isn't it?!!!
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    Yes, it is! Lots of things to think of and find solutions for.

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    Ok! So far I have decided to use 10 Leaf modules (or 8 or 12) and this motor:
    I wonder if this controller is ok:
    I believe that it is a budget controller and that's exactly what I want, as a start, I cant afford a 1000€ controller now. It says 72V 400A and I will have 75V if I use 10 modules, will that destroy the controller?
    I found a thread
    500A peak is a lot.
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