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Thread: Honda CBR 150 conversion

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    Quote Originally Posted by SplinterOz View Post
    Barron thanks for the input... once I have the bike I will start a new thread.

    Sorry for the hi-jack.
    Hardly an issue, I am interested regardless

    should probably have posted my comments on his thread anyway

    Hope you guys get it sorted out

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    I also own a 2019 Honda CBR 150, Hope your work turned out fine. I read here a news report that Honda will soon introduce an entry-level electric bike inspired by Honda CBR 150 and CBR 150R.
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    I raced the ICE 125 version of this in Commuterlite (Townsville, Queensland Australia).
    Some points to consider:
    The stock 125 engine/ transmission is VERY light. Originally a dirt bike motor ( well the 125 was. There 150 one may be one of the lower spec Braizillian motors that came in the "E"). The electric conversion could be a LOT heavier. That would really show up on the forks which are pretty light weight torsionally. The stock tank only held 11litres so you won't save much weight towards your electric conversion.
    Rear suspension is absolutely atrocious even stock. You will need a decent aftermarket one. If you feel like the swingarm is twisting, when cornering, it is actually the crap rear shock. Yacugar shock cleaned it right up.
    I await the developments.
    I have said for a while that electric motorcycles are really suited for racing and the development would be fantastic. Then they may MotoE one marque which ensures zero development and continuing irrevelance.

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