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Thread: Nutshock V2.0 - Electric R6 Build


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    Nutshock V2.0 - Electric R6 Build

    Hey folks,

    It's time to start sharing go around number 2. I am upgrading my first chassis, a 1989 Suzuki Katana 600, to a newer sportbike, a 2003 Yamaha R6. The R6 offers me a better handling and, for me, more comfortable ride. The Katana was old and the suspension, tires and other parts were going bad. So i decided to upgrade instead of bothering to fix up and old bike. I rode the R6 for 3 months and tore it apart last week (see next posts).

    Taking all the electric bits from the Katana and adding some new parts should make this build relatively simple. My biggest task is to design and build the battery mount. I ordered the metal yesterday and refining my design. This will be made out of 6061 aluminum, more info too come.

    Design goals;
    100 mile range (@55mph)
    < 360lbs
    Storage for a backpack and more

    Parts list;
    Motor - Agni 95R
    Controller - Alltrax 7245
    Batteries - 110 EIG 20Ah cells (8.2kWh)
    DC/DC - Vicor 150W, 100V to 12Vunit

    Here's a look at the layout

    Motor will be mounted higher to line up the chain. Controller will most likely be mounted behind the motor on the right side of the bike.
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