Hi there guys I have a few questions regarding a project as I have been tasked with designing an electric powertrain for a two wheeled vehicle. I know that the powertrain must consist of batteries, a motor, a motor controller, a charger and a belt drive to the wheels which I'am assuming is direct.

However I'am getting really confused with choosing a motor the specifications are putting me off I have opted to go for lithium ion batteries a total of 8 batteries producing a voltage of 96 volts at 100 amps an hour, I was told the higher the ampheres the hotter the battery gets.

I'am completely lost when it comes to choosing the motor. Would this motor work
ME1117 PMAC Motor, 24-48V, 6 hp cont, 19 hp pk it has these specificationsPower: 6 Hp continuous, 19 peak Hp
Voltage: 24-48V DC
Maximum RPM: 5000
Torque Constant: 1.20" lbs/amp.
Peak Stall Torque: 38 Nm.
Max Motor Current: 300 A/1min.
Motor Diameter: 8".
Shaft: 7/8"x 1-3/4", 3/16" key
Phase to Phase winding resistance: 0.013 Ohms
Inductance Phase to Phase: 0.10 Milli-Henry
Armature Inertia: 52 Kg Cm Squared
20 turns per phase
Weight: 22 lbs
What would i be looking at in terms of producing a high range vehicle as well as a powerful vehicle for as the weight of the vehicle would be 250kg in total, and it is not intended for speedpurposes but more urban citycommuting. Also how would i work out the rpm at a certain speed for example the rpm the motor will produce at around 20 mph. In terms of a powertrain the battery poweres the motor and the motor is controlled through a motor controller however is it as simple as a belt drive connected to the motor to the back wheel?? or is there more to it

Thanks for reading guys any help would be appreciated I feel really embarassed at how bad my electronics knowledge is but really want to improve on it.