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Thread: Lola-Drayson EV race car

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    Lola-Drayson EV race car

    Hey guys, check out this fantastic-looking electric race car. This is really something!


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    Me Likie!!!!!
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    Beautiful car. However, this is what I took from the article........2013 FIA Formula E series.

    I cannot wait for that series...... hot-swap batteries every 3 laps (half-joking, half truthful), but the FIA could bring some awesome racing with EV's!
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    I think I'm in love...
    awesome paint-job too

    "They’re called “structural batteries” and are made from carbon fiber mixed with nickel-based battery chemistry, creating a battery that can be shaped to form complex structures. In this case the batteries will be incorporated into key aerodynamic parts of the car, such as the rear wing." <--- very excited to see more about this
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