Hi guys
About to get my e-bicycle-moto going and have just received a FREE Chinese 125cc Motorcycle. The engine and tranny are taken out to be sold for whatever parts can be salvaged.

Anyway, My step son, Victor, is going to finish Automotive Electrical courses in 1 month to receive his certificate. THEN, he wants to get into E-Motos. He has many buddies in San Jose, Costa Rica, that are having trouble making ends meet, because of the constant maintenance and fuel prices for Motos. Also, E-bicycles are not registered, need inspection, or speed restricted, here. My Buddy outside San Jose, has 3 he built, one of which has gone 100 MPH. That's NOT KPH, but, MPH. I know the bike.

I will have the Moto here, 100 miles from San Jose, and I want to try to make it usable. I have a 30V 100 Amp Aircraft generator. I am hoping to find a controller for it at a very reasonable price. (We are cash poor at this time.) However, along with the generator, I have 20 Nissan Leaf cells, that I am about ready to put in the Bicycle/motorcycle I have built from scratch. I also have over 400 A123 26650 cells built up into 1S3P configurations, and were balance 6 months ago, and have just been sitting since, and checked a couple times for voltage. I have NO controller at this time.

According to the Moto specs, this bike weighs 100K dry weight. The engine /tranny weighs 38pounds, that brings the rolling chassis down to 192 pounds. I want to make a mold of the steel gas tank, out of carbon fibre that I recently bought, really inexpensively, for the controller and Dc-Dc converter,. Also, remove/replace all steel parts with carbon fibre or Aluminum. I hope to get the chassis weight down to 160 pounds or so. The generator, IF I can use it, weighs around 30 pounds. The Leaf battery cells weigh 35 pounds with no cases. The A123's are probably twice what the Leaf cells are. Would be easier to stack/place the 26650's into the space of the frame, though.

The Leaf cells would be 20S1P at 2.2Kwhr. The A123's are 2.94Kwhr. Not a great deal of difference, except in weight. The Leaf cells would make up at 74V pack. The A123's can be made up at 48 or 72V pack. I believe the higher volt packs would give higher speed for a short ride, but, this generator, IF I can use it, is rated at 5000-8000 RPM's. Correct gearing should make this bike perform pretty well, considering the small battery pack

I'm hoping I have all this info correct, and, could use a bit of help planning this build. It won't be a long distance bike, but, would show what CAN be done with existing bike frames.

Thanks for any input, and criticism. Harold