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Thread: Voltron II - I shall call her... Voltron Evo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuts & Volts View Post
    Awesome result and congrats on great end product you've created.

    From the looks of the dyno plot it seems you still haven't mastered the field weakening of the motor? Any idea why?
    I don't know. Without field weakening it spun up to about 3700 rpm and wouldn't go any faster. With about 100 amps of ID current we are able to spin it all the way up to 4950 rpm (on the stands) and it now goes considerably faster, so I think we have some field weakening, but not all that's there. I don't really understand how a Dyno infers torque from a spinning mass, but put it this way, we don't need to do much more on the power side of the equation

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    Awesome results. Huge congrats!

    (By the way, an inertia dyno uses acceleration of the cylinder to derive torque. That's why you spin it up full throttle, so you're always accelerating. And yeah, that seems like plenty of power.)
    - Noah Podolefsky -
    The GSX-E

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