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Thread: A spherical motor/generator

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    A spherical motor/generator

    Here is an unusual experimental motor/generator. It is a very interesting design, but looks (to me) like it would be tough to mass produce. I still recall all of the problems that the Wankel had getting it to work right for very long when it was first introduced. It took Mazada many years to get the sealing right and to reduce its pollution. I don't think it was ever very fuel efficient. What is kind of interesting about this spherical motor is that it is designed to run an electric generator that would then be used to recharge EV batteries, like the Volt, I assume. Anyway, here is an article about the Kugelmotor.


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    That's weird.
    Magnet hate heat, they lose power when they overheat.
    So close to a ICE motor I really do not see how it will last long.


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