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Thread: A Brammo Enertia tour of Hong Kong

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    A Brammo Enertia tour of Hong Kong

    Here is a 20-minute video showing a Brammo Enertia riding from Kowloon Bay to central Hong Kong. No music on this trip, but maybe there should have been. After a while the Enertia's motor whine gets a little old. Now where are my earplugs?


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    Actually the thing is, if you love riding and want to protect your hearing then you need to use a custom earplugs. If you use a generic or foam earplug it will won't work properly. It will block all the sounds and you won't hear anything from the outside. This will be a huge problem to every rider. So if you want to listen the music and want to hear the sounds then you won't able to listen if you use a cheap foam and generic earplugs.
    If you use the modern custom earplugs it will give you all the convenient that you want to. If you want to listen the music and hear the outside sound it will provide you too.
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