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    The ElMoto Dream Bike

    I have a proposition. How about we all get our noodles together and build a true dream bike? At least virtually?

    Here's how I think it could work. We all have our opinions and experience, we have vastly different bases of experience and qualifications. It sounds to me like a design team that could rival anybody on the planet. Plus, we don't have to actually do the build and get proved wrong... Builderz, buyerz, armchair enthusiastz? Bring it on.

    I think, to make it work, we need some consensus on, well, conclusions... that is, at some point we have to get off the pot and say, yeah, let's use this motor. For that reason, maybe it would be fun to have one person ride "herd" and, after hashing things out, call out the final decision. And maybe direct the discussion a bit. That way it would be a little more concrete and conclusive than just hashing over our pie-in-the-sky parts and pieces ideas.

    I nominate Kyle. He's young. He's used to working in a design-team structure. He's really good at handling guys who don't play well with others (like me).

    Maybe as we go along, one of you CAD guys could throw together some renderings. That way, after we're all "done" we can float it out there as the Ultimate Elmoto Dream Bike, paste it into actual scenes with scantily-clad babes and make the motorcycle world think we actually have a bike?

    I'll start. I think it should be yellow.

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