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Thread: Controller Norms

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    Controller Norms

    Is there an expected average operating temp for a controller operating under normal conditions? I had the EBR out the other day for about five miles and the controller temp reading at the conclusion was 53 C (approx 127 F). I'm operating a Curtis 1238-7501 w/72V pack.

    I suppose it probably varies from one controller to the next, but just curious what I might expect for a normal range.

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    Manual says Heatsink linear overtemp cutoff starts at 85C, complete cutoff at 95C. You were well below those numbers.

    Mounting to another metal surface with thermal compound will help lower average operating temp. Also airflow over the heatsink will help. Some people have went as far as to liquid cool these Curtis controllers.

    The longer and harder you ride the more cooling will be needed. Especially if long hard rides are done in high ambient air temps.

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    Thanks Guff, I guess I should have known to look that up, but I appreciate the additional info as well. The controller is pretty well exposed to the air right now but when the bike is reassembled it will either be located in the old tank or just below it. I saw some of those boffo heat sinks for the Curtis here, or somewhere. I suppose that may be in order once I start running it longer and with less airflow.

    I had it out for a seven mile run just now with which I am ecstatic, given the current battery setup. Pack still showed 71.8V after I finished but some of the readings I got off the Spyglass lead to more questions. I think I'll post those in another thread as it relates more to the pack than the controller.


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