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jonescg, you guys are paying $1000 in entry fees? That is crazy high....granted, not as high as what I paid for eRoadracing this year.

The registration of the M1GP is only $85 for one class, and any additional classes (we can race against the gas bikes in some of the classes) is only $25. The AMA entry fee is about $150 per class if I remember correctly. This year I paid about $1650 per race for the eRoadracing series. That was for a 20 minute session on Friday and another on saturday, and then a 9 lap race on Sunday. Just the one entry at M1GP for $85 gets me more track time. All day sat practice only costs $35.

Nuts & Volts, I appologize for this thread ending up off OP topic, but I think it is a pretty good discussion going.
No worries, I think all of this is very relevant to the OP seeing as we are discussing the racing and costs involved. Thanks for sharing these prices thou. It gives very good perspective for me at least