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Thread: Indy eRoadRacing 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay64 View Post
    Welcome to elmoto Art!

    jonescg, you guys are paying $1000 in entry fees? That is crazy high....granted, not as high as what I paid for eRoadracing this year.

    The registration of the M1GP is only $85 for one class, and any additional classes (we can race against the gas bikes in some of the classes) is only $25. The AMA entry fee is about $150 per class if I remember correctly. This year I paid about $1650 per race for the eRoadracing series. That was for a 20 minute session on Friday and another on saturday, and then a 9 lap race on Sunday. Just the one entry at M1GP for $85 gets me more track time. All day sat practice only costs $35.

    Nuts & Volts, I appologize for this thread ending up off OP topic, but I think it is a pretty good discussion going.
    No worries, I think all of this is very relevant to the OP seeing as we are discussing the racing and costs involved. Thanks for sharing these prices thou. It gives very good perspective for me at least
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    Quote Originally Posted by jazclrint View Post
    In response to the Brammo's having heating issue I have found out that Arthur's water pump had failed and his motor was running with no cooling at all.
    Not quite correct, my motor was running plenty cool, no water pump issues...however the aggressive, experimental controller mapping that was just installed freaked out on lap one of the race and shut off 40% of my power to keep the imaginary heat issue from damaging components.
    I continued to ride hard, but was embarrassingly slow...did finish the race however.

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    Welcome to ElMoto, Art! I'm delighted to hear about riding electric and your racing experience firsthand. Thanks for joining us.

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    Thank you for the clarification Art. I wouldn't have made such a statement if I didn't think my source was correct. My apologies. Just got off the phone with Azhar, and can't say much, but I do want to clarify one thing, I misunderstood Azhar this spring and when he said "buy in" he didn't mean the club had to purchase a rules package, he meant 'buying into' the consept. That was my fault, and I apologize. They do have a budget number they are looking at for the eSS from a racer's/team's perspective that is the cost of an entire season of racing plus the cost of buying a bike. It sounds reasonable, but I'm not a racer.

    They are very much looking for feedback from the racer's and teams (and anyone really) and said to get in contact with through the webpage, twitter, and Facebook. There's an announcement coming soon, so I'm on an embargo on the details until then. But it doesn't sound like much has changed at all.

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