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Bikes that definitely have frames that seem made to be converted
Bikes that you may think are ideal, but once you crack them open, there's no room for anything or at least anything worth while.
Bikes that maybe good if it wasn't for the lack of parts etc
Getting to the questions in the OP. I can throw in my experience with the '93 GSX-R 1100. 93-95, 600, 750, and 1100 have basically the same frame.

- It seems made for the parts I put in it (AC-20, GBS 72V, 60Ah pack). It took some time and patience, but once I figured it out everything just seemed to fall into place.
- Lots of room. Actually room for about 8 kWh of EIG or Kokam (if I could afford it).
- Great supply of parts new and used. Lots of parts fit across years, all the way into the 2000's. I have an '01 rear shock that's a significant upgrade over the '93.