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Thread: What's the best battery?

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    What's the best battery?

    I'd like to go about 70mph top speed, and 60mi range with an AC motor. The bike will be a KLR 650. I was thinking about many of these:


    Is there a negitive side to Li batteries other then price? They seem the obvious choice for power, and weight.

    Also is there any down side to having many smaller batteries, vs a few larger ones? The smaller ones seem like they would be easier to pack in on the bike.

    Thanks for the thoughts, and advise.


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    As you said power Vs weight Lipo's currently win hands down but the trade off is robustness, they have a reputation, not always justified for catching fire. In other other applications (modeling) they have soft casing and are fairly easily shorted internally.

    If the premis of less parts have less places for physical faliure is true, then larger battery packs with less charging & BMS components is a sound option. Space is at a preium when retro fitting a motorcycle and to meet the performance criteria of your choice many small batteries may be required.
    Few of us have the skills or training to design and build our vehicles based upon scientific formulas, it is trial and error and listening to what those who have gone before us have experienced, but in the end it is our choice based upon our desire to achieve our vision.


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