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Thread: Belt drive conversion with Zero parts?

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    Thanks Mike. I looked into the Gates stuff a while back. I didn't want to do a 2 stage reduction (space is tight on the 2-wheeler). I did actually find 112T 8mm pulleys - with 22T front it would be 5:1. But they were cast iron - like you say, heavy and not pretty. My uncle took a smaller one and bored it out, then added his own aluminum carrier. Worked pretty well on the 8" dia pulley he was using. With 112T, it's about 11" dia. Even bored out, a lot of rotating weight, and there would probably be balance issues.

    I considered machining my own. Put a chain on at first, actually liked the sound so I stuck with it.
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    You can find belt stuff for karts here.


    you can actually cut the belts down to the thickness you want pretty easily.

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