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Thread: Belt drive conversion with Zero parts?


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    Belt drive conversion with Zero parts?

    I just noticed that Zero is selling a "high speed" gearing option. $179 package includes front and rear pulleys plus the belt. 98/25, about 4:1 gearing. Would take some fabrication to make it work, but it's the only belt drive option I've seen that will get close to the ratios needed for electric. Harley sprockets and such top out around 70 tooth rear, 30 tooth front - way too low to work as a single reduction drive.


    I don't know what the belt type is - if anyone knows that would be great, since that's the one part most people would need to change.

    Would be great if you could get the stock gearing (132/28, about 4.7:1), or a combination 132/25, about 5.3:1.

    I'll probably stick with chain drive, but it's nice to have the belt option for a conversion.
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