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A little history before this build. I have restored a few vintage bikes over the last 6 or so years, '68 Triumph 250, '75 Honda CB550 (rider), '71 Suzuki TS125 & '65 Harley/Aeramachhi Sprint 250 are my favorites. Started on my own machines that broke down, then got into working in a couple local shops for experience and pocket coin. I've been a big fan of Tesla Motors since around 2004, admired their way to take a "grammas scooters electric" mindset and flip it on its head and say that this is serious speed and performance. Little while later, Brammo, Zero, Mission, and more are making performance bikes. Hmmm I like that
I always wanted to try an electric vehicle out, but there are next to none around my area. (Rochester NY has a Zero dealer now tho ) After a kind fellow showed me his Tesla Model S at this years seven springs PA mother earth news fair EV Auto show (no electric bikes there, want to take mine next year) I was hooked, I knew I had to build one, it was the only way for me.

So, here it is. This donor was sold/given to me by a friend that owed me a few bucks. Has 9,200 miles, runs good, drives, but... 3 years ago kissed a bulldozer full on and bent the rim, ripped tire open, destroyed plastics, bent the forks and triple clamps right to tire/radiator contact...ouch!! (guy lived, just doesn't want to ride anymore) The first pic kinda shows the bend, it was around 20 degrees on the fork tube from straight. The second picture is of the start of the teardown and the new front end pieces from ebay. This will be my first EV build, I have been lurking here for a few months, & reading other peoples work ( Noah's sweet gsxr & Lennon Rodgers ttxgp builds are favs). I have full access to Autocad & Inventor, tools, lifts, shop space and have a nack for finding deals. I will be asking a lot of questions on the Electrical/Programming side when that time comes. I'll be posting a list of parts I'm looking into and more pics as I go. This forum is great for all El Moto needs, Thanks for being here, I wouldn't be building without it!