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Thread: EMW's SmartCharge-12000 EV Charger

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    EMW's SmartCharge-12000 EV Charger

    Have any of you guys seen these?



    After talking with the company, I was told the charger will do 5 kW easily on 110 (considering your supply could handle it). And if you have a 240 line...and your battery pack can take the c-rate during charge, this could be awesome. It is an Arduino controlled, programmable charger. The company claims that the time spent sourcing these individual parts from different manufacturers and the cost to purchase them is greater than their cost for the kit. There are video tutorials for the build and the company offers support.

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    Yep I have been considering getting one for awhile now. But getting a solid charger is lower on my list of priorities for my builds right now. Also it's not as awesome with a 120V pack since then you have to raise the current up to 100A to get the power. If I ever end up with more than one project (at different voltages) or finish everything else up on my R6 then I will most likely be getting one.
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