Hello all. I am deciding to part with my 1975 Honda CB200e project, as I've got other projects to finish. It never really made it past the prototyping stage, but it was fun to ride around on. I can sell the bike as a whole, or part it out. It would make a nice package for someone who wants a vintage looking electric motorcycle, that will be 85% complete (BMS, contactor, fuse, etc. not included). I've got a lot of the Honda parts I'll throw in as well.

It's a '75 CB200 rolling chassis, Motenergy ME0201012701 48 volt brushless DC motor, Kelly KBL48301 controller, and I've got 14 EIG 20ah cells.

If anyone has an interest, shoot me an email: trowan@spsu.edu and we can go from there. I'd sell the entire bike for $900 plus shipping. Not bad considering the motor and controller would be about that brand new..

I'm in the Atlanta area if anyone is interested in picking it up.