Wow! Haven't been here since a long time ago.

Just letting everyone know that the Australian electric motorcycle racing series, eFXC is starting again on the 15th of May at Mallala Raceway, about an hour north of Adelaide. None of the riders or bikes has ever been to Mallala, so it's going to be interesting.

Danny Pottage on Voltron Evo will be defending his title, and we've been doing some good tuning over the summer break. Yes, we race all year round in Australia . We're feeling pretty confident.

Meanwhile Ripperton will be providing some sound competition on his electrified R1. Jason Morris on the Varley machine will be back, and hopefully they have their reliability issues sorted by now.

Unfortunately, Jon Eggenhuizen's Catavolt machine will be out, certainly for round 1 but hopefully not for the others. David won't be out with the Zero until we hit Sydney for round 2 of the series, and apparently the ELMOFO Brammo won't be making an appearance either. We really need more bikes in the series, even if they are slower, production machines.

As always in Australia - if you can't buy 'em, build 'em.