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Thread: Voltage Vs RPM

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    Voltage Vs RPM

    Howdy all,

    I was looking at some motors sold by Golden Motor. They state on one of their 5kw motors that the RPM range is customizable from 2000 to 6000 rpm. Does that depend on voltage?
    For example, 24v producing 2000 rpm, 48v producing 4000, and 72v producing 6000?


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    I think that's correct. The relationship of Volts <-> RPMs is based on the number of turns or windings in the motor. The RC folks often talk about the "KV" of a motor, which (i think) basically means how many RPMs per Volt you get, (which is directly proportional to the turns or windings). If you check out http://goldenmotor.com/SMF/index.php?topic=4492.0, they theorize that the Golden Motor has a KV of 83.3 (which works out to 2000rpm for 24V, 4000RPM for 48V, etc).

    Sometimes, a manufacturer can wind the motor to have a different KV. I know that Alexey at Revolt can do that (he asked what KV I wanted when I bought my motor recently), and I think this is how there are different versions of the ACXX motors within the same family (e.g. AC-20, AC23, etc).
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    the KV depends on how many turn you have in your coil , to make the torwue you just need the total amount of current flowing inside a specific windings but is the same if you have one turn with 100A or 100 turn of one A each.

    In the first case the motor will be powered by a huge current and low voltage , the second is a high votage low current motor.

    once you fix your windings configuration more volts cause more RPM


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