Hi All,

I'm a graduate student doing my masters in environmental studies here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have proposed as my major project to build a hybrid electric range-extender motorcycle. I have knowledge of motorcycles, have owned, fixed and rebuilt many, however I've never built or worked on an electric bike so this is a total learning experience for me...

The Goal: to have a cruiser type motorcycle that has a battery pack for local short distance rides, and a diesel generator which will be converted to run on used veggie oil / biodiesel for longer distance riding. The generator will create enough electricity to power the electric motor when the batteries have been depleted.

The Purpose: eliminate range dependency/anxiety, find more sustainable forms of transportation, help the transition from internal combustion (ICE) motorcycles to full electric, appeal to the long distance cruiser/touring rider.

My Plan:

1. Find a cruiser frame - ideally harley softail as they have lots of space for components, are easily customizable, and suit the style I am trying to go for.

2. Decide on a motor - I am leaning towards the enertrac 602/603 hub motor (or if finances allow the dual hub motor) as it gives me more room in the motorcycle for other components.

3. Find batteries - have started reading up on this and at first was leaning towards Lifepo4 but if I can get my hands on some leaf batteries (which would fit much easier) that would be truly awesome. Anyone know where I could find some? or even begin looking? (junk yards I assume) or suggestions on other batteries would be welcome!

4. Purchase a used diesel generator that would be able to power the bike alone without the batteries and convert it to run on used veggie oil/other

5. Fit all the main components to the bike

6. Electronics - controller, charger, bms maybe, throttle, inverters, whatever else I need to make this work

7. Test it out, make some tweaks

8. Make it look awesome and presentable.

Thats the plan at least! my due date is in August (2017) - which can be pushed but I'd really like to have it finished by then so I can graduate haha.

If anyone has any constructive advice, ideas, suggestions, leads, would like to help out etc. feel free to let me know! I've been reading some of these threads and you folks are great!

Sorry for the long post. Thats all for now!

- Craig