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    The Juiced Drag bike progress post (Weekly updates)

    Hello everyone !

    This will be the thread that shows the progress as we build it. I will try to do weekly updates on how it goes.

    For those of you that do not know us (Ed & Tammy - Juiced Drag Racing) We have been building and racing EVs for a while.

    This bike it not going to rotate the earth. It will be fast enough to keep our need for speed happy, our retirement fund in check and
    keep the other motorcycle bracket racers worried.

    Smoky burnouts will be mandatory.

    We are trying to build this in the 5 thousand USD range. I think with some help from a few friends and us doing 95% of the
    build (I cannot paint that well ) we should make that happen.

    The goodies:
    A pro-built older, but perfect for this application, Kawasaki drag bike. The only Kawasaki parts (from a Ninja ZX-7R) are the steering,
    front and rear wheels and the front brakes. It is Molly frame and very well built. It is set up for a 7" to 10" slick. We will be running
    a 7" which is really 7.8" wide. It will meet the IHRA rules.

    ME1507 PMAC Brushless Motor
    Chevy Volt batteries set up for bulk and cell charging. It will be 116v or 130v. This voltage will be decided depending on the controller we get.
    Right now we are leaning toward a Travis Programed SEVCON GEN4 SIZE 6 controller.

    Paint - Chrysler Tangerine Pearl

    The fun part will be getting all of this to fit. We have made measurements and a good plan, we will see how it goes.

    Sorry, but I am old school, my cad file picture of the project is in my head.

    Questions are always welcome. More later !

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