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Thread: Gas motor complexity vs Electric motor simplicity

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    Gas motor complexity vs Electric motor simplicity

    These videos crack me up. This is a Ducati motor

    I swear to god it looks like you take a basic piston engine and keep adding kludgy "fixes" and sub-assemblies to eek that last bit of horsepower out of the fuel - and then you're still left with, what, 30% efficiency on a good day?

    Compare and contrast:

    ...and, as an added bonus, the video above sure helps me visualize how a brushless motor works.
    Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles

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    Not only far fewer moving parts creating friction losses, but PM motors have a built-in potential energy already before it evens starts spinning. Momentum is also a form of potential energy, so ICE has more mass spinning once its running. But ICE only has potential energy stored as fuel. Fuel is a very potent source of potential energy, but so are magnets.
    Energy is never lost, it only changes form. Heat from friction for example. Wires get hot, so there is energy being lost, but the temps being seen in an electric motor system is far less than those temps seen in an ICE.

    Its been said that money is a form of energy. Its also been said that time is money. So therefore:
    heat=E, and
    $=E, and
    time=$, ($=m), and

    then it all boils down to how much time and money ya got!!

    Got the book, Ted! Thanks!!
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