I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum to post in, but I wanted to update the electric 2 wheel community on our project bike as well as our project itself.

First off the project bike, dubbed the Urban S. It's a fun bike with the goal of being the best 1st bike anyone could own. It's super simple to ride and control, good brakes and adjustable suspension. It's probably most useful for the urbanite, heading around town for work, meetings or errands with up to 150km in city range (@50km/h). It's not going to scare anyone's pants off with acceleration, but the hub motor offers plenty of light-to-light torque and plenty of passing power. It's also great in traffic, as the regen helps ease the amount of pressure you need to put on the brake levers and dumps back a bit of the power into the packs.


On the the project itself.
I was bitten by the EV bug quite awhile ago while living in Beijing. Having got my first electric scooter in 2007, I found it was a great way to get around this big city. Back then it was a 48v, lead-acid powered, 250w model. It wasn't much, but got me hooked.

In 2009 it was my turn to share this great way of getting around Beijing with the community by opening an electric bicycle tour company that took guests around Beijing via an electric scooter. It's still in operation today and has had tons of guests experience the thrill of the city and the electric bike. (Beijing Electric Bike Tours - Home)

Having to do some repairs and maintenance of the fleet of electric bikes we have, I began to take the opportunity to tweak, modify, learn as much as I could about electric bikes and scooters in general. Making them faster, better, longer ranged, safer, etc.

During the course of the last few years, i've always been looking around for "my perfect bike". Something that had the range I wanted, the look and feel of a real "motorcycle", and was durable enough to daily drive, all while coming in at a respectable or at least realistic price point. Nothing. Couldn't find anything. It was either Chinese made electric scooters or high-end Zero, Brammo, Mission, Lito type stuff.

So, I decided to make them.

Developing mid-level electric motorcycles and sharing it with Asia, Europe and North America as a low-cost city commuter was the goal when Evoke Electric Motorcycles was created.

Gaining traction and sales around China, we're slowing building up a community of friendly city commuters aboard our Evoke Urban S and hoping to move forward in other countries soon.

I just wanted to share the update with the electric 2 wheel industry and invite anyone to like/follow us on our Facebook page. We do our best to update stuff there as things progress.

Thanks and ride safe out there!