For sale is a battery module from a 2014 Zero FX. The bike had about 30 000km on it and only discharged below 50 percent 3 times.

This is a 2014 module. From what I've read it has the 25ah Farsis cells in it but I haven't taken it apart. The module is fully functional and always stored in a heated garage in the winter.

The pack should work on the newer models as well that have the hot swappable setup.

My bike got written off and the insurance company said I could take the extra module out before I gave it to them. The pack did not suffer any damage whatsoever.

LI was looking to get $1400 CAD for it but I'm willing to go down to $1000 CAD. The same pack new from Zero is about $2200 USD from the dealers here.

The battery is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I don't mind shipping but the buyer would be expected to pay all shipping costs