I have had a ton of fun riding my completed project over the past year, but would like to sell it in order to buy a Zero.
I am not interested in parting out as I still use it as my daily commuter bike.

For some reason it is not showing up on the EValbum site, but hopefully it will soon.

Vehicle-2004 Kawasaki ex500 ninja 500 I bought a salvaged ninja 500 at an auction and removed the ICE, swapping in all electrical components and made it roadworthy by replacing seals, bearings, brakes, and tires.

Motor - Mars ME1003

Controller - Alltrax SR 72400

Drivetrain- Direct drive, 14T front, 55T rear 3.9:1

Batteries - 11 Nissan Leaf 62AH cells in series configuration. Kept slightly under-charged to stay within Alltrax voltage limits and to prolong battery life
System voltage - 90V

Charger - Delta-Q Technologies Delta-Q QuiQ-Icon On-Board 72V Battery Charger

Instrumentation - Cycle-analyst V3, always on rear-view camera

Domino throttle

New headlights as well as old fiberglass fairing with headlight

Top Speed - 70 MPH (112 KPH) I take it on the highway somewhat regularly, but it has limited power for passing at max speed.

Acceleration - Very brisk, about 4-5 seconds 0-60mph. I can out-accelerate every car I've encountered at stop-lights so far.

Range - approximately 50 Miles (80 Kilometers) My daily commute is about 20 miles, so I rarely go further. Range is significantly longer if ridden at speeds that are not fun (20mph)

Tires - Brand new Michellin pilot street radial

Odometer - Frame has 70,000 miles, but all bearings were replaced and structural integrity was meticulously verified. About 3500 EV miles so far.


Asking $5000, willing to deliver within 2 hours of San Antonio, TX. Clean blue Texas title