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Thread: Hi from NE England

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    Hi from NE England

    Hi everyone, I thought i'd introduce myself before I start annoying everyone with my lack of electrical knowledge.
    I'm a mechanical engineer based in Durham, UK. I'm pretty handy with regular bikes, but i'm only just getting acquainted with the magic pixies side of things.
    I'm not going to be actually building a bike any time soon, I've got too many other projects on the go, but I will be doing plenty of research / planning and eventually modelling everything up in CAD.
    Esentially I'll be looking to build up a bit that'll be quick enough to keep up with some decent ICE bikes (~50kW?) and have the range to get me to work and back comfortably (~50 miles), based on that i'm looking at probably an ME1507/1616 paired up to maybe 10 leaf modules or a custom 18650 pack, depending on my donor frame.
    My last project was an old CB750:

    And I've been planning a long term build based on a Ducati 900ss (still needs a lot of design work):

    But i've got an old Scirocco and E30 that need attention first.

    Anyway, once I've got some substantial ideas together, i'll put a project thread up so you can all tell me that what i'm doing is wrong and i'll end up blowing myself up.

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    Nice to see you here guys, I'm also a newbie here and beautiful bike too.

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    Welcome aboard dude.
    Ducati frame is a good choice for what you've outlined, although the Leaf cells for that sort of power in that low capacity not likely so much as their discharge rate is somewhat limited.
    Custom cylindrical build may be a good option even if it's a lot of work as it'll leave you more options wrt shape - it'll be more expensive mind, and will require more regard for thermal constraints.
    I'd abandon the notion of 50kWp in your first build and opt for something in the mid-high 20's TBH. The way that EV's deliver their power is fundamentally different to ICE so the peak output isn't as big a deal as you've got the torque all the time in any case.

    I've a pal working with the council on the energy side of things in Durham, he keeps trying to tempt me across - will be sure to look you up when I make the hop.


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