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Thread: custom electric dirtbike question about battery

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    custom electric dirtbike question about battery

    Hi i am going to build a electric dirtbike the motor will be a motenergy me1507 and the controller sevcon gen 4. I have been reading a lot about battery since i'm going to build my own battery pack but there something i'm not sure about
    The me1507 peak current is 600A however every build that i have seen with this motor have battery pack pushing 300 350A max. If I understand correctly to get the max power of the motor it need the peak current which is 600A so these guy are not even close to the peak power of the motor? At first i wanted to build a battery pack using 18650 cells but i would need at least a 26s30p pack using vtc6 cells=780 cells which is a lot on a motorcycle.
    so i'm a bit lost a would appreciate some helps from you
    sorry for the bad English I speak french

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    you are confusing battery side and motor side of controller with a brushless motor.
    The controller may feed in 600 amps into the motor but not at full volts (WOT).
    Just till the point of saturation, from then on volts will rise again and amps into motor decrease.
    Amps equal torque and volts speed.
    Instead of switching volts on and off like an old brush controller these modern controllers rather "swap" amps for volts (still keeping the product of watts on both sides of controller equal) in order o get you part throttle..
    Simplified explanation if intrested in depth read up on pwm modulation...
    Confusing at the beginning until you just get your head around it..



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