Selling my R6 chassis from my old conversion. Clean title. Iíve moved on to a car conversion and parted most of it out. This was setup to house leaf cells, sevcon size 6 and a zero 75-7 motor. Has 420 chain setup and tires only have about 6000 miles on them. Will need a new subframe and a new regen lever. Broke these trying to lift it. Comes with seats, tail fairing, front fairing (aftermarket with light holes cut), low voltage wiring, throttle, maybe a few other odds and ends.

Frame has a seen a low speed low side but everything is straight and rides great. A few tabs have been removed and holes enlarged so converting it back is probably not a good idea.

Asking $500 for it. Located in Columbus OH. Willing to meet up maybe an hour or so outside. PM me if interested

Do not have batteries, motor, controller, or displays.

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