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Thread: Another n00b enthusiast just vampiring up the place

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    Another n00b enthusiast just vampiring up the place

    Well, thanks to being ordered to stay at home by the governor, I finally got around to doing some research and finding this place. Been meaning to do this for some time, so I guess itís time I start taking these crazy thoughts seriously.

    My name is Paul. Professionally, Iím a bicycle mechanic. In my spare time Iím doing a cafe racer thing to my Ninja 500R. Currently Iím on the custom fairings part, then thereís some lighting stuff, then paint, then registering and riding it.

    But I know that every time I fill it up with gas, a little part of me is gonna die inside. Along with, you know, the environment. So ultimately I want to do an electric conversion. My budget is low, so Iíll be buying parts little by little, but thatís fine because it will give me time to read up here and learn whatís what, and hopefully make an informed decision.

    Iím sure Iíll have lots of questions, but Iíll try to spend time reading here before asking them.

    Cheers and see ya on the forums.

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    Welcome aboard dude.

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    Where are you at?
    I still keep my VFR for long rides and don't think twice about gas or my effects on the known universe... at oil under 10 bucks a barrel I'm glad I
    still own some gas guzzlers! I figure I've been riding motorcycles most everyday for the past 34 years that I've already consumed much less fuel than most other people
    at my age.
    I love my emc for commuting 2 miles to work. I still have to work as long as I am Corona free.
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    Well when I got the bike it had been sitting outside under a cover for about seven years. I got it home and almost immediately got to work servicing everything I could. New fluids, brake pads, tires, plus valve adjustments, carb cleaning, brake rebuilds, and probably some other stuff I'm not remembering. I got it running, verified that everything works. But at some point in there I started taking it apart, and messing with lots of other stuff too. New lights, and gauges, a trimmed saddle, bobbed and rewelded rear end, and currently I'm fabricating a custom seat fairing.

    I've had a fair share of setbacks along the way. Honestly I should have just left it alone, kept it stock, and maybe I'd be riding it instead of it taking up space in my little workshed. But here we are, and now I have to see it through.

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    Did a Ninja for drag racing a while back, great platform for conversion, street or strip.


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