So the company Boom Moto has requested I come out and give them some technical feedback on their bikes and give them some reviews. I am pretty excited. It looks like they have a range of bikes imported from China. Some less powerful than the Evoke Electric Motorcycles and perhaps some more powerful than the urban classic line.

I am pretty interested because these guys don't seem to be blowing smoke up anybody's butts yet. They definitely have a lot to learn still, but they aren't pretending they know everything, and I have seen improvements in their video content etc. already.

I also am a fan of the low cost, low power bikes. It gives a LOT more people access to introductory electrics and bikes that won't kill them when they whack it wide open.

I see one thing that I don't think I'll like much, but isn't a hard change for people like me. Rear brake on the handlebar. Maybe Im standing on the porch yelling, get off my lawn, but, get off my damn lawn son! I think it's just a preference thing, but I'll see what happens when I actually get on one of them.

What do you guys think? They already have a claimed 35 units in stock, and one of their videos does in fact show a room full of fully assembled bikes. So that's at least better than Lightning Motorcycles who haven't yet been able to show a room full of ready to sell assembled bikes.

The fact that these guys I have never heard of in the middle of America are ahead of lightning in getting to market already is amazing to me if nothing else.

Still a lot of room to improve on their riding footage, but it's getting there and does contain some info. They have a couple vids.

Place your bets, love it or hate it? I mean coming right to us for a review is balsy and gives me hope they might meet the claimed specs, which seem reasonable for small inexpensive bikes.