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Thread: BMW K100 Electric.

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    BMW K100 Electric.

    This project started back in 2017. My health was debatable,and i eased out of working full time.Time on my hands has seen the K100 stripped of all things ICE,and repowered with an
    Industrial 3 phase motor rewound to suit a Curtiss 1236SE 72 volt 450amp controller.
    Many weeks spent in a mates workshop, on lathes and millers etc saw a new clutch hub and a adapter plate for the motor gearbox realised.

    Its all bolted up in a strengthened frame,new bearings to wheels and swing arm. Rebuilt the rear drive,new brake lines and cylinder kits.
    Battery pack is a bit light on at the moment. Space being a major point, i opted for the
    Headway cells in a 24s 2p config.These contained in a hdpe box sitting on top of the motor.

    Sevcon DC/DC converter for the bike basics,led lights.Evic instrument panel monitors the battery parameters etc. This build is good therapy,and possibably a good ride. Cheers.

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    Sounds very cool. Can you post some visuals so we can see how its coming along? Cheers!
    Current rides: '96 Honda Ohlins VFR, '03 Cannondale C440R, '03 Cannondale Cannibal, '06 Yamaha 450 Wolverine 4x4
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    Any further updates please?

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    Hi guys. Thanks for the interest.
    Latest efforts have bought me a gsxr front end, for a transplant.(in progress).
    New clutch plate and input seal. Various labels and upgrades to running gear for our stringent rego laws.
    My engineer is happy with the build ,and will sign off when completed.
    First trip out on temp licence was 65 kph for 10ks. Not a lot i know, but proof of concept can and will be Iím
    Proved upon.
    As with all things EV, the battery supply is the limiting factor. Elon is doing his bit for the team, cost of
    Good cells is the prob.
    all good ,cheers Nifty.


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