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    Battery Pack Configuration 28S 17P

    Greetings to all.

    I am new to the EV world and I am starting on my electric motorcycle conversion. I acquired some a123 26650 batteries, used, but in good condition still. They were built in packs of 40V for electric buses.

    Anyways, I am planning my pack design as I have almost all of the components to start building the pack.

    I have attached the layout of what my thoughts were. With my tight dimensions I have with my bike, I am doing a 28S 17P pack. I am more concerned about the individual connections to make sure I have the right concept.

    Please let me know your guys thoughts of what I can do. I am doing 17 "layers" of the 28 cell blocks. a 4 x 7 block is the 28 cell block layer so to say. The top view is what each block looks like and have those stacked 17 times to achieve my desired dimensions.
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