Hello all,

I found this little moped on the side of the road with a "free" sign. 2009 Tomos, came with no motor or wiring harness. Cut open the gas tank and had a 48v10ah battery custom sized to fit into that slot. D/C-D/C converter runs the stock headlight/tail-light/brake-light/high beams. Cable-driven speedometer recessed in healight bucket still works. 1000w golden motor rear hub motor kit from goldenmotors.ca. Internal wiring, controller under the seat. All-in parts total came to $800

25 mile range, 25mph top speed with a smaller rider. With a huge rider it's 20mph, 20mi range, bike lane 'legal'. Pre-covid when I lived in the city it was faster to get across town on that due to Austin, TX traffic. Now I live in the country but it still finds uses.

Anyway, just a hello!20200130_172042.jpg20200118_181722.jpg