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Thread: Motorbike from 1948

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    Motorbike from 1948

    I have an old motorbike from 1948. So i thought it could be updated to electrical drive. I was thinking to have a 8kW Golden Motor and battery enough for app. 50 -75 km drive.. I have not measured but Im quite sure there is no space for hub motor. What could be reasonable battery size? Weight of the motorbike without engine and fuel tank is app 120 kg. If this would go about 100 km/h would be nice, the brakes exist. The rear brake even works.

    Ps. I have two other motorbikes from same time.
    It is like the one in the link. Only one spring in the front and in the seat.
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    Great project! I wish I had one of those chassis to convert. Look at this retro conversion to get pack ideas. Don't write off the hub motor too easily. With a hardtail you don't have the same handling issues due to unsprung weight you might see with a hub in other applications and it would make a really clean conversion.

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