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Thread: Kawasaki zxr-E

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    yes i have, nothing suitable for 24s....
    SMC does not even answer,
    just like the guy from Kit elec shop in france

    Near June... no progress...

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    So sorry to hear this flo.
    Are you sure the components are bad and not an issue with the parameter program of the controller?
    I can try and connect to my controller and maybe we can compare to find an error??
    Maybe a video chat can help and we can look at each others settings?
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    thanks for the offer.
    Well, during that one single remotedesk support he had me spin the motor by hand... the software clearly showed sin 3,4?? Volts while cos only came up to 1,89 or so Volts.
    Thus he send me a replacement sin cos encoder (which i do honor)...
    Plugging that in now gives me 1 single blinking code and software shows:

    0:0x5044 Dynamic Range errror
    1: 0x4f41 Internal

    along with a loooong errror log, all gibberish for me.

    to me it is like there is a software hickup due to the new encoder , basically bricking the controller...

    Without support this thing is not more than a lump of electronic waste...

    Had a friend pretending interest in their products: answer within 6 hrs...

    guess i have to go to court with them.

    Dang, years ago i swore never to deal with the french again in my life, second time done over for more than 2000 Euros.

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