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Thread: Kawasaki zxr-E

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    Big EV-grin

    HI all,
    sorry no pics today - will follow up. Just been to buisy working on the bike ..

    So after finally finishing the lower protective cover for the Kelly (still needs painting), i took it for a short test ride down the street.
    Handled like cr..p. noisy as hell too. Not what i had expected. The noise - well just might be that way, but the handling issues.
    I handed it over to my brother - same impression from him.
    might be just the bikes geometry he said. Me: no its a kawa you should not be fighting it.
    Headstock? We checked this when i bought it. Front forks? seem ok to me..
    Long story short i really started to doubt my doings, until a friend of mine called.

    Have you checked your tiere- pressure?


    So after pumping some air into the front wheel, it now handles like a kawa should - flawless

    Loosened up the primary drives chain a tiny bit and now it even runs quiet too.

    still waiting on my printed parts for my chainguards - which should be done by tomorrow, found a superb solution for a rain/stone protection for the engine too and going to mill up this last part- then it should be ready for MOT.

    Pics will follow tomorrow.

    stay tuned
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    What a ride

    Well, not literally

    Due to corona there is nothing you can do without appointment here atm.
    Been trying to get a call back from my MOT engineer whole of last week without success. Until suddenly he calls me tuesday afternoon.
    Last free spot thursday 13:00
    Boy that`s sporty. lets try.

    Temporary license first. No free spots online in my district, called them-no chance
    Tried the Kawasaki dealer nearby if i could borrow - shop closed
    Called the the district next to me, told them my situation and, who would have guessed - they gave me an appointment for thursday morning.
    Best part about it - guy on telephone tells me- they aren`t even allowed to do so - legally. Bending over backwards just to be helpful.

    Transport next

    Franky: bus`s broken,
    Andy: bus is at his brother 300km
    Rainer: no prob you can have it.

    Great- next box ticked.

    Loading rails of Wolfgang will get picked up on the way back from picking up the transporter.

    Insurence code should be no trouble, just a call.

    Then finished the bike of with the mostly printed parts - chain guards (hot of the printer -Literally) in my freezing cold garage during a snowstorm. Real april`s weather.
    filled and sanded the controllers cover somewhat and a spot repair on the fairing just to give a better impression.
    Got the Kawa done wed. about 16:00
    Then picked up my brother, on to rainer for the bus.....

    When trying to push the Kawa into the Transporter we realised that the rails are too short by a big margin
    So asking around the neighborhood found us a few looong boards that i screwed together for a makeshift.

    Re wrote the safety concept of the sachs somewhat until late night ..

    So today after 7!!! false starts (insurence code - grrrr) i got my temp. plate.
    drove some 3 hrs to my MOT engineer who remembered me right away, had a look and just asks: Same components as your last one?
    He starts to take some detail picks until i tell him that i had a folder on USB for him (CAD,Pics, Wiring diagram; written safety concept...)
    Him: i see perfectly prepared once more.
    Picks up his helmet, drives once around the building, stops and tells us to load up again.

    MOT PASSED - within 3 mins.

    Still took all day until i finally returned for dinner.

    Only needs some finishing touches and licensing.

    pics tomorrow
    stay tuned
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    as promised following up with pics:

    Simple solution for a guard plate and its attachment
    V3 028.jpg
    V3 029.jpg

    on the bike

    After initial filling and sanding, sprinkle on some guide colour to help accurate sanding.

    once satisfied a simple rattle can paint job was aplied

    and on the bike

    Chain guards:
    4,5mm carbon enforced prints with 5mm Fiberglass faces
    V3 035.jpg

    primary side:

    secondary side:

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    Today i charged it partly using my sachs charger and me and my buddy Stefan had a few runs with it,
    man it really pulls so much nicer than the sachs
    really looking forward getting it registered and on the road.

    "Jumpstarting" the kawa ... a bit of a pia...



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    Congrats on passing the safety inspection.... I had no doubts it would
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