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Thread: Kawasaki zxr-E

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    Quote Originally Posted by flo View Post
    Sorry Warren, but that fire was not caused by the bats, actually they survived unscalted.

    You didn't watch the video, did you? You can hear the cells exploding and the car is literally burned to the ground! Those huge jets of steaming electrolyte aren't from the battery? lol
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    Hi all,
    by coincidence i stumbled on a cad file for my frame at grab cad
    As it was in catia format i had my buddy convert it at work for me.
    I then imported my own drawings to see if all lines up.
    luckylie the frame was zeroed around the swing axle - just as my fileset.
    simply import and tada:

    after rotating it 2mm forward it all lines up in every direction. virtually no error to be seen.

    and looks good too.
    pics minus my rudimentary frame which was just sort of a spacer...
    v4 001.jpg

    v4 005.jpg

    v4 002.jpg

    v4 009.jpg

    v4 010.jpg

    v4 003.jpg

    v4 008.jpg

    v4 006.jpg


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