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Thread: Kawasaki zxr-E

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    not sure, moutains are like 45 km away so up yes, down of course, but i won`t make it all the way home Guess i have to go for a coffee somewhere, or visiting friends on my way home.

    Vids always a problem, cause i do not have a camera , nor a phone holder, and especially no editing skills. What i usually do is to take just very short clips and upload them fully unedited on YT.
    Will check out something...


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    Flo I wasn't sure if I should just direct message you, but maybe some other newbies will find this interesting as well.

    Is there a specific set of benefits to using the Cycle Analyst with a Kelly over a display like a Ct-22 (that are typically sold in kits to use with the model of Kelly controller you use)? From what I understand the negatives of a Ct-22 is that it really is only a display of overall voltage and speed. And does not monitor Amp draw, so I would need a separate system with my battery if I wanted to more closely monitor battery status.

    Obviously the CA is capable of monitoring a lot more than just Speed and Voltage. From my understanding of things, the main benefits of a CA are that along with speed, voltage, etc. it also can monitor amps in and out of your battery (instead of needing to use a separate system to achieve this).

    I'm wiring up a QS 273 70H and a Kelly KLS72601 - similar to you but a hub motor instead of mid drive.

    And I'm just assessing the main benefits of running the Cycle Analyst either alongside a display like the ct-22 or completely instead of. Thanks for your time, and experience. Others on Elmoto have already been super helpful. Sorry If this isn't forum etiquette and I'm hijacking your build thread, I'm just really impressed with your builds so far.

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    Hi Levi,
    no problem.
    Well first of all the CT-22 was not offered by the time i bought my Kelly.
    Other than that the CA just gives you all the monitoring you need, so in my eyes why settle for less?
    Its priced fair, good quality, well reputed and extraordinary service- what more to ask for?
    On top i like to keep things simple so i would not go for both systems at once... less to fail and less money spend.

    For the Kawa:
    Finally my charger arrived yesturday evening and got promptly installed this morning.
    So by now the bike is fully usable.
    Took it out for a ride in the afternoon, of course, which was awesome. Only charged to 96 Volts (4Volt per cell) as the cells have not been ballanced yet.
    Feels so much more enjoyable with far more range at hand compared to my sachs conversion.
    60km of sporty riding used up 43Amphrs so on a full cycle 100 km should be easy.

    First charge:
    20210522_115232 (2).jpg

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    First 500

    Hi all,
    well the 500 km mark has fallen. No problems with the bike so far, only one minor upgrade had been necessary.
    Well after the initial test rides done, i took the bike for some longer rides of course and thus charging times have gone up too.
    This revealed the charger getting quite warm if not hot. Not to the point of overheating but i did not like the fact and it surely been a design flaw that i could have avoided if i had used my brain right from the start.
    I had thought that the air around the charger and the aditional cutouts in its holder would provide enough cooling to the lower side mounted fan. Well, not the case.
    20210522_115232 (2).jpg

    20210603_191657 (2).jpg

    So yesterday being a public holiday i took out the charger, and realised that the fan in it will draw air in centrally and spreading it out through the cooling fins. Which in my case lead to it sucking the warm air in again from the surrounding battery box.
    So a few crude big holes were drilled into the plastic and now one can feel the charger sucking in the air below and pushing it out to the sides. Charger does not exceed abut 45 deg C.
    Easy fix.
    20210603_195233 (2).jpg

    Taking the opportunity i had look around all bolts and such, but as using either self-locking or lock-tited nuts nothing had come loose in the meantime.

    AS for Autonomy:
    Today i took it for a long ride, near fully charged to 97 Volts going down to 84V (3,5V/cell) using 68 Amphrs. Quite sporty driving got me 108 Km/ some 65 miles with an estimated 20-25 km reserve. Which i did not use up for the rain coming in fast. Just made it home 2 mins before the storm hit.
    At this voltage one should start to keep acceleration somewhat more easy as i have seen 79 volts ( 3,3 per cell) at full load a few times on the last 2, 3 km.
    But still, a solid 100 km or 130-135 ish if one goes a little more easy. I could not be more happy with the autonomy.
    Some WOT runs revealed 130 kmh (80 ish mph)on the odometer which, even if not accurate checks nicely against my calculations of around 128 kmh.

    All in all i`d say mission fulfilled
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    Top speed aside, how would you describe the feel of acceleration from 0-80? Fun, ya?!!
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    as the kelly only releases full power after approx 15kmh actual 0-80 is not as spectacular as one would assume. Still real fun.
    On the other hand it is an almost elastic feel with a smooth transition and is just awesome to ride like that.
    from 15kmh on it pulls very nice. Not timed it so i guess comparable to a modern 400 or older 600 bike
    Kelly is still on 90 % for bats not jet run in fully.
    I already called a buddy so we can take timing and compare to his bike...probably some sunday morning..

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