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Thread: Im keen to convert an Italjet 50cc bike and am very beginner

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    Im keen to convert an Italjet 50cc bike and am very beginner

    Hi All

    Firstly, please excuse me lack of knowledge, I am just building it all up now.

    I am thinking of embarking on a project to convert a 50cc kids motorbike into an electric bike. I have done quite a bit of research, but I would like to ask the community what their thoughts are on the following:

    1. what size motor / or even what motor is recommended for the conversion?
    1a. mid train / in hub?
    2. is buying a kit often better than buying the parts individually
    3. is it worth going down the rabbit hole of building my own battery too (i suppose it would depend on the fit required)

    Many thanks in advance for any responses.


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    Howdy Matchboxed - best to take a look around and see what takes your fancy and matches you expected budget; there are lots of ways of going about it depending on what you want to spend and what power/performance/range requirements you have.

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    What top speed do you want?
    What range?
    What budget?
    Are you a welder/fabricator or should this mostly be off-the-shelf?

    Assuming this is just something for the kids to play with, regular old ebike stuff will work.

    1. I'd go with a 2000w motor. Again, depends on what performance you want. Just at a quick glance it looks like a hub motor would be easier to put in. Search if any companies sell a QS 205 hub motor that will work for that rear tire. 'Bicycle' size rims are different than 'motorcycle' sizes (ex my 16" motorcycle tires fit a on a 20" bicycle hub motor.)
    2. At that power level, just buy a kit. Lots of good options.
    3. No. Depending on the motor you choose you probably only need 48v 20ah. Very common e-bike battery size, there are many, many off-the-shelf options.
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