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Thread: Incomplete Honda Shadow Retrofit Project

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    Incomplete Honda Shadow Retrofit Project

    Hello ElMoto,

    First I'd like to say y'all are great and I admire what you do here.

    Several years ago I was inspired by your work and started a project of my own.

    I set out to retrofit a 2000 Honda Shadow Sabre.

    I ran the calculations in excel, designed some parts in Autodesk Inventor, bought the roller, and bought a motor and controller.

    All the parts are well kept in my garage, the computer is a purpose built work station and inventor works great on it.

    I don't expect to anywhere near my money back on it, and that's OK. Really I'm hoping someone will pick up where I left off.

    If interested please contact me.

    I'm happy to talk to you as much as you need to feel comfortable, discuss specifications and share pictures and my design intent.

    Thank you so much for your interest.


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    Hi Brian
    Personally I'm not familiar with Autodesk Inventor.
    It would help us if we knew where you are located.
    What are you looking to do, sell the parts or find a collaborator to help finish what you started?
    Are you wanting to ride and keep the finished bike?
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I would like to sell the whole project.

    The tangibles include:

    2000 honda shadow sabre roller chassis
    HPEVs AC-35 motor and controller
    Computer Workstation with 3D modeled part concepts
    Excel Spreadsheet with design calculations

    The drivetrain is designed. The battery pack needs to be designed and spec'd.

    I'm willing to sell all of it as one or separate it out.

    I'd be willing to communicate my design intent or share my ideas to its completion.

    Over the years I've put a lot of thought into it, but I cannot get over the hump to go downhill toward its completion.

    I hope someone else can enjoy the project as much as I have.

    Perhaps one of you has the willpower to see the project to fruition.




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